Worship on Sundays at the University Church is warm, deep and diverse.  We sing a lot: in a “normal” service, we might sing “God of Grace and God of Glory” with choir and organ, an African Christian chorus with djembe and tambourines, a call-and-response Communion Setting in Spanish and English, and a classic American Gospel song with soloist and saxophone. Plus lots of sung responses!  Our Choir sits scattered through the congregation to make it easy to hear someone with a strong voice near you.  Our worship service is divided into four movements: Gathering in God’s Name, Proclaiming God’s Word, Responding to God’s Word and Going Forth to Serve.  Our pastors and guests from the Yale faculty and outside preach the Scriptures with a special focus on Christian life in an academic community.  We celebrate Holy Communion on the first, third, and fifth Sundays of the month.  Our spoken liturgy draws on the best of Christian liturgy across the denominations and the globe.  Originally created with the leadership of Siobhán Garrigan and Patrick Evans from the Yale Divinity School, our worship intentionally stretches us — musically, culturally, and spiritually.