University Church Choir

Our UCY Choir members are worship and music leaders for Sunday worship.   From 20-24 voices, the Choir is conducted by two Choral Conducting graduate students from the Yale Institute of Sacred Music.  They sing a wide variety of Christian sacred music from all Western Classical periods, global Christian anthems, and contemporary composers, all fitted with our spoken worship and Bible readings for each week.

Choir members are undergraduates of all majors, graduate and professional students from many schools, and ISM and School of Music Voice students.  The Choir auditions in the first week of classes alongside auditions for the SOM/ISM choirs.   If you will be an enrolled Yale student in Fall 2016 and would be interested in auditioning, please contact Hannah Carr, Co-Director for 2016-17.  Choir members are compensated for their time and talent.

Choir members also lead our congregational singing.  Sitting mixed in among the congregation during our services, they support our strong congregational voice.  Choir members also cantor our many choral responses and songs in many languages.